La Juanita Green


We Commit.

One Planet.
Our Planet.

La Juanita Green is the area that intersects with every action and project that takes place within La Juanita. This area has a commitment with the Earth. It intervenes in each project looking to reduce the environmental impact and express the importance of taking care of our planet in our daily lives.


We develop projects to help non-profitable organizations raise funds to built a better future.

Paneles solares

We have installed solar panels in the roof of our storage in order to reduce energy consumption.


We encourage cleaning & recycling in all of our social events, giving economic benefits to the ones that help and care about the environment.

- We substitute plastic cups for biodegradable cups.

- We have recycling stations in which we reward with different benefits to those who bring a certain amount of waste closer.

- We increase the amount of eco-friendly materials that we use in the production process and creation of our scenography.

- We recycle and reuse all types of empty glass bottles to create premium and personalized sustainable products for members of our community.